Broadband World Forum Asia 2008

Date of Conference: July 15-18, 2008
Date of Exhibition: July 16-17, 2008
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Hong Kong

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Event Overview
Broadband World Forum Asia 2008 helps service providers meet the challenges of revenue-driving broadband-enabled services. At the conference, industry leaders will share their perspectives on how current and emerging broadband providers can effectively meet challenges. Experts will discuss wireless broadband, broadband networking technologies and architectures, IPTV, mobility applications, Mobile Web 2.0, digital home, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and Mobile TV.

Session Details

Topic: "The IPTV Ecosystem: Can IPTV Compete/Collaborate with Internet TV, Cable TV, Satellite and Enhanced Digital Video Applications?
Date: July 15, 2008
Time: 14:15-15:45 HKT
Panel moderator: Ram Kumar, Associate Vice President, Product Engineering, Infosys
Panelists: Eric Chan, General Manager, Hutchison Global Communications
Raghu Puri, Managing Director, Transmissions and Networks, APAC, Scientific-Atlanta, a Cisco company
Chinnee Tong, Director, Business Development, Microsoft China

Session overview
With bandwidth no longer an effective tool for customer retention, carriers are banking on applications such as IPTV to increase customer stickiness. Stakeholders such as Pay TV, Cable TV, and Web content providers are investing in multiple applications that bring video directly to the user through mobile TV and the Internet.

This session will examine the options for carriers, content providers, equipment makers and service firms to enhance customer satisfaction and remain profitable. It will also focus on the collaboration required among stakeholders for ITPV monetization.

Speaker Profile

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar, Associate Vice President, Product Engineering, Infosys, is responsible for the growth of worldwide R&D services. He has a track record of executive and operational leadership in building businesses around computing and communication infrastructure products and services. Prior to Infosys, as founder and CEO of WIncNet Corp., Ram focused on enterprise seamless mobility. He specializes in SOA, networking and wireless infrastructure, security, mobility management and protocols. Ram has authored several articles for industry magazines and has spoken widely at industry conferences.

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