Business Analyst World 2011

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Event Details

Date: June 27-28, 2011
Venue: Crown Events & Conferences, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia


Event Overview

Infosys Australia & New Zealand is a Silver sponsor of Business Analyst World 2011. Melbourne is the first of two instalments of this leading conference series to be held in Australia. Specifically for Business Analysis professionals, the conference offers a range of informative sessions, resources and tools.

Session Details

Session 1

Topic: Gathering Requirements in a Virtual Team
Speakers: Roopa Raghuram, Senior Consultant, Infosys Australia & New Zealand
Date: June 27, 2011
Time: 12:45-14:00 EST

Session Description
In today's world of globalization, it is not uncommon to be in project situations where Business Analysts (BA) and stakeholders are geographically distributed. It is indeed a challenge to effectively conduct requirements gathering (particularly requirements elicitation) in an environment where stakeholders and the BAs gathering requirements are working as a virtual team. This session provides series of positive, practical steps that business analysts can use to manage requirements.

Session 2

Topic: How to set your BA Team up for Success...Partnering with Testing
Speakers: Peter Kittler, PMP, Independent Validation Solutions, Infosys Australia & New Zealand
Emily Mogic, Senior Project Manager, Independent Validation Solutions, Infosys Australia & New Zealand
Date: June 28, 2011
Time: 12:45-14:00 EST

Session Description
How many projects have you worked on where you have seen ambiguous, missed or incorrect requirements during the final stages of a project? This presentation uncovers key learning’s from setting up and running a testing centre of excellence and how this information can be used to partner with a BA centre of excellence.

Session 3

Topic: Establishing and Maintaining a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (BACoE) - It's More than Just a Resource and Competency Body
Speakers: Rohit Shawarikar, Senior Consultant, Infosys Labs, Infosys Australia & New Zealand
Angela Sgourakis, Principal Consultant, Infosys Australia & New Zealand
Date: June 28, 2011
Time: 14:15-15:30 EST

Session Description
In this session, the composition of an optimal BACoE framework will be presented as consisting of four implementation pillars: Process, People, Knowledge, Tools. These are underpinned by a robust Governance/Metrics/Reporting Model. Our experts also elaborate on how this framework is backed by a detailed implementation roadmap and the critical success factors for creation and maintenance of the BACoE.


Speaker Profiles

Roopa Raghuram is a proven expert in the area of Business Analysis. She has vast experience working for software vendor firms that employ the Global Delivery Model for project development (wherein the stakeholders are geographically spread).

Peter Kittler, with 12 years of experience, has conducted successful stakeholder engagements with a wide array of groups spanning telecommunications, banking, media and government organizations.

Emily Mogic has 10 years of testing experience. She adopts both traditional and Agile methodologies for testing. She believes that projects must shape their testing approach based on risk and quality goals.

Rohit Shawarikar has seven years of industry experience and has specializes in the areas of Requirements Engineering, Process Architecture, and Modeling and Analysis. He has been instrumental in setting up Infosys BA Centre of Excellence and has worked on consulting assignments for clients looking to establish and improve their BA practice.

Angela Sgourakis has over 25 years of experience in fast-paced IT environments, devising feasible business solutions that confront changing priorities, tight deadlines, decreasing budgets, and resistance to change. For the last 18 months Angela has been responsible for the development of the BACoE framework, including its implementation within Infosys and client engagements.

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