CGT Sales and Marketing Conference 2008

Date: June 9-11, 2008
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel, New York, USA

Event Details
The conference is a forum for consumer goods executives to network with peers, share ideas and experiences, and learn about industry trends. Infosys is a Research sponsor of the conference where it will present its Category Analytics Solution.

Event Overview
Infosys is a Research sponsor of Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Conference 2008. Infosys will present its Category Analytics Solution.

Our Category Analytics Solution delivers:

Our Category Analytics Solution delivers:
  • Visibility across centralized and synchronized sales, activity and cost data sources including syndicated, POS, retail link, shipments, media spending, FSI and other internal data through a prescriptive and user-friendly interface
  • Insights through time and industry-tested, advanced statistical modeling and best practices
  • Action in terms of planning and recommending promotional mix and everyday prices to increase returns, executing timely defensive strategy, and positioning as the category captains for retail partners
Our solution empowers CPG companies to:
  • Maximize existing investments in underlying systems such as SAP and syndicated data sources
  • Better execution in the marketplace by leveraging Infosys' retail capabilities
  • Better promotional / pricing strategy leading to improved promotional ROI, competitiveness and profitability
  • Enhance operational responsiveness through real-time monitoring and tracking
  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by eliminating data visibility and quality issues leading to less than 20% downloading and formatting and more than 80% analyzing
  • Provide BPO services with quick access to insights

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