Webinar: Contract Management - An Ecosystem Approach

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Webinar Details

Topic: Contract Management - An Ecosystem Approach
Date: October 22, 2010
Time: 11:00-12:00 CST
Speakers: Robert Henry, Practice Engagement Manager, Legal Process Outsourcing, Infosys Technologies
Tim Cummins, President, IACCM


Webinar Highlights

The contracting efficiency of an organization determines how well their internal and external stakeholders are able to deliver on commitments. But how does an organization accurately conclude if their contracting processes are efficacious? To identify challenges faced by the contracting community, and to share our experience, Infosys conducted a survey in association with IACCM titled - CLM Challenges and Best Practices.

This webinar will share results of the survey and discuss how to integrate tools, technology, people and processes to create a contracting ecosystem

Key Insights:

  • The change and why is contracting excellence imperative
  • Identify primary reasons why contracting processes fail
  • Improvement areas: Is it the tool, engagement model, outsourced services or all of it?
  • How to build a contract management ecosystem away from an rigid process
  • Infosys offerings

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Reproduced with permission of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management

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Expert Speak - Robert Henry

Robert Henry
Practice Engagement Manager, Knowledge Services, Infosys Technologies


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