Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP

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Event details

Date: May 27, 2015
Time: 11 am to 12 pm EST
Location: Online

Event overview

Personalized medicine is the new buzzword in the medical industry. Does it really work? What are the associated costs? Is personalized medicine the way to go for everyone and every illness? Tune into the radio show ‘Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio’, presented by SAP, as experts from Infosys and HfS share their insights on this new approach that has been called by some as the future of medicine.

Session details

Topic: Personalized medicine…medicine of the future?
Date: May 27, 2015
Time: 11 am to 12 pm EST
Location: Online

Panelist profiles:

1. Subhro Mallik, Associate Vice President and Head, Life Sciences, Americas and Europe, Infosys

After joining Infosys in 1998, Subhro has held multiple leadership positions in complex areas such as client management and delivery in the Life Sciences and Infrastructure business units. In his current role as the Associate Vice President and Head, he is accountable for the Infosys Life Sciences business in Americas and Europe. He has worked on large, complex strategic initiatives for clients across multiple services offerings such as management consulting, IT, and BPO services across the globe.

2. Barbra McGann, Managing Director, Research at HfS Research

Barbra is passionate about helping organizations articulate their vision for impact and their strategy for achieving it. Her scope of work covers the business process outsourcing and the emerging ‘as a service’ market, particularly for health care, life sciences, and government. Barbra’s background includes 20 years at Accenture where she tracked, analyzed, and advised on market and competitive moves and worked with the Accenture leadership to develop strategies for growth. At HfS Research, she is working on an analysis of the business process support services market for healthcare, to be published as an HfS Blueprint next quarter.

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