Webinar: Three essential keys to enhance customer experience

Webinar Details | Webinar Overview

Webinar Details

Date: November 12, 2013
Time: 1 p.m. EST
Duration: 60 minutes
Speakers: Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director — Customer Experience, Forrester Research, Inc.
Gopal Devanahalli, Vice President — Products, Platforms and Solutions, ECS, Infosys


Webinar overview

The contact center industry is in the midst of transformation. Enterprises are switching from legacy contact center software to customer experience software that is socially-enabled, mobile-compatible and delivered in the cloud.

Top three priorities that companies must focus on:

  • Provide contact center agents with all the information they need to ensure first call resolution for the customer
  • Empower agents to quickly resolve issues and move from problem-solving to revenue generation
  • Leave the traditional channels behind; engage young customers along their preferred channels like mobile and social networks

Why attend?

This interactive and engaging webcast will provide you vital business insights from leading analysts and practitioners. You will also hear about the emerging trends in the industry.