Finovate 2009

Event Details

Date: September 29, 2009
Venue: Metropolitan Pavilion,
125 West 18th Street, New York, USA



Event Overview

Finovate is a financial technology conference that focuses on live product demonstrations where companies will showcase innovations in financial and banking technology. Finovate is organized by Online Financial Innovations (OFI), a banking technology research firm based in Seattle Washington.

The conference will host high-value networking sessions where attendees will get direct access to senior financial and banking executives, industry analysts, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and bloggers.

Infosys’ Showcase

Infosys will showcase ‘Infosys mConnect’ as an innovative ‘one technology platform for all new channels’ that enables banks and financial institutions to build a multi-channel commerce strategy. We will demonstrate how a service in financial industry like retail banking can be seamlessly delivered across emerging channels such as mobile, IPTV, IVR, KIOSKS and the Internet via a common infrastructure.

The audience will experience how common self-service transactions such as balance look up, account statements, fund transfers and bill payments can be seamlessly executed across multiple channels on a single platform.

About Infosys mConnect

Infosys mConnect is a context-aware, real-time enterprise middleware that enables mobile services for websites and e-commerce platforms. Based on a patent-pending mobile technology, Infosys mConnect seamlessly integrates evolving technologies, new devices and information delivery channels.

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