Gartner Outsourcing Summit 2004

Date: May 17 - 19, 2004
Venue: Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada


Featured Speaker/ Panelist: Monday, May 17th, 3:40 PM - 4:25 PM
Strategic Services Sourcing - The Next Evolution
Presentation by Richard Baldyga, Vice President, Strategic Global Sourcing, Infosys

Not so long ago, outsourcing was considered a simple cost-cutting maneuver. Today it looms large as a strategic initiative that will shape your enterprise for years to come. In a fast-changing marketplace, the options grow, the providers proliferate, and the pressure is on to slice even deeper into parts of your business. More than ever, managers of IT outsourcing and business-process outsourcing need a sophisticated set of skills to keep the dynamic of relationships in balance. Get it wrong and the cost of undoing it can be enormous; get it right and the payoff can lead to agility and growth.

Gartner Outsourcing Summit 2004 is the most comprehensive conference ever organized for buyers and users of outsourcing services. The emphasis is on sharing strategies that ensure tangible, sustainable results, in a business environment today where half of all outsourcing arrangements do not deliver on their expected benefit. You'll learn...

The critical four phases of the sourcing life cycle. What it takes to build the case for IT and business sourcing; navigate the IT services marketplace; implement best practices in contracting and transitioning, and operate successfully in a multi-sourced world.

Plus, you'll get unbiased, in-depth coverage on the strategies, tactics and management approaches that will take your IT and business-process outsourcing to a new results-driven level-from optimum deal structures and governance models to developing a sound-proof offshore strategy.

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