Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference

Date: April 19-22, 2009
Venue: Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida, USA

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Event Details
Explore the latest in geospatial innovation at the Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference. Attend an extensive program of over 100 sessions, half-day seminars and an exhibition of products and services.

At the Conference, Infosys’ experts will discuss Scenario Planning for the Geographic Information System (GIS) and address the challenges of aging GIS technology infrastructure.

Session Details

Seminar: Today's Geospatial Solutions for an Aging Infrastructure
Seminar Leader: Mitchell Garnett, Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
Speakers: Dr. David Hale, University of Alabama, Abhinav Dehariya, Infosys and C. Douglass Couto,
                    Citrix Systems, Inc.
Date: April 20, 2009
Time: 08:00 - 12:00 EST

Seminar Description:
Recent news about aging infrastructure reveal failing bridges, sinkholes under highways and reports of a US$ 1.6 trillion price-tag over five years. Yet the ‘problem’ is not insurmountable. Geospatial technology can address the problem. Technology can be applied for inspection, inventory, prioritization, designing, tracking and implementing solutions for infrastructure problems. This seminar will focus on aging infrastructure and relay important information for applying geospatial infrastructure solutions. Attendees will get to know where we are in addressing a critical societal need, and where we go next.

Session: Scenario Planning for Utility GIS
Speaker:  Potriadian Subramanian, Infosys
Co-presenters:  Debanjan Chakraborty, Infosys Technologies Limited; Sachin Kumar, Infosys
Date:  April 22, 2009 
Time:  09:00 - 09:45 EST

Session Description:
Infosys recommends a Scenario Planning approach, a method used for long-term adoption and flexibility to identify Utility Geographic Information System needs. It is a powerful method to create, communicate, deliberate, debate and evolve high level business needs to impact day-to-day workflow. It serves as a dashboard for companies to tie to the balanced scorecard. In addition, it helps the utility define detailed requirements. It is also a framework that enables inputs from the company, utility managers, users, GI science experts, system integrators and tool vendors.

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