Infosys webinar with Greentech Media: Roadmap to Success – Enhancing Customer Experience for Utilities

Date March 28, 2013

Time 14:00 EDT

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Insights on the impact of digital revolution on consumers and employees of utilities

Event overview

The utilities industry is beginning to be impacted by the digital revolution that is rapidly transforming many industries across the globe. This revolution significantly impacts the consumers and the employees of the utilities by influencing the customer experience related initiatives of these companies. For their consumers, it is related to service quality and customer care and for their employees, it is about empowering them to enhance the level of customer experience. The additional complexities related to market deregulation and smart grid also influence how to address the demands of the digital consumers.

This webinar will provide insights on the impact of digital revolution, its impact on both consumers and the employees of utilities, and how they can start to create a customer experience roadmap that begins to address these needs.


Session Details


March 28, 2013


14:00 EDT


Richard Rashty, Principal Consultant, Digital Business Strategist, Infosys
Mark Middlekamp, Lead Product Manager, Utilities Practice, Infosys


Katherine Tweed, Senior Writer, Greentech Media