Hackett Group's 4th Annual European Best Practices Conference

Date: October 16-17, 2008
Venue: The Tower, London, U.K.

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Event Overview
Infosys BPO is the diamond sponsor of the Hackett Group's 4th Annual European Best Practices Conference. The conference will focus on performance excellence where executives can leverage Hackett Group's performance metrics and best practices. Industry leaders from major global corporations will share their experience on enhancing performance.

Session Details

Date: October 17, 2008
Time: 11:00-11:30 BST
Topic: Leveraging a Business Solutions Partnering Strategy at Level 3
Speaker: Sunil Narang, Vice President, Business Solutions Partnering, Level 3 Communications

Session Description
Level three Communications, a firm with operations in the US and Europe, is engaging partner organizations to undertake critical business processes, enable business growth, improve business processes and cut costs. In this session, Sunil Narang discusses how evolving partnerships among customers and vendors is becoming a business trend. He will also speak about Level three’s global sourcing partnership with Infosys.


Sunil Narang

Sunil Narang is the Vice President, Business Solutions Partnering at Level three Communications. He manages partner relationships and strategies. He has over 20 years of experience in Business Development, Corporate Finance, Financial Controllership and Business Strategy. Sunil is a member of key groups of Thought Leaders in the BPO/Offshoring industry and has presented at various offshoring conferences.

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