Handsets Forum USA

Date: November 28-30, 2007
Venue: San Diego Mariott Hotel and Marina, San Diego, USA

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Event Overview
Handsets Forum USA is the premier event for the North American handset industry. Infosys' Ram Kumar will join other panelists to discuss various business models for delivering the mobile TV experience to consumers.


Panelists at the Mobile TV session will define the optimal business model for delivering the mobile TV experience to consumers in a way that maximizes revenues for all parties. The session will cover:

  • Evaluation of different business models for delivering a mobile TV service
  • Carrier network ownership
  • Carrier consortium
  • Third party network ownership
  • Issues related to intellectual property: should mobile TV content require new licenses or is it just an extension of current TV services
  • Selection of broadcast technology, and the effect this will have on the mobile TV business model
  • What the US can learn about the mobile TV business model from the experience of Europe and the Far East

Date/ Time: November 30, 2007, 10:00-10:45 AM



Ram Kumar, Associate Vice President, Product Engineering Practice, Infosys Technologies, has a track record of executive and operational leadership in building businesses around computing and communication infrastructure products and services. Kumar has extensive experience in networking and wireless infrastructure, security, mobility management, and protocols.

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