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The Beat of a Different Drum: Harnessing the Offshore Innovation Value Web
Speakers: Deependra Moitra, Associate Vice President & General Manager (Research), Infosys Technologies
Date: Thursday, May 25, 2006
Date: 0900-1000 Hrs Local Time
Venue: Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China


The International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) encourages education in the field of Management of Technology and acts as an information resource center in the field.

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Session Overview

In the sessions organized by IAMOT to harness technological innovation, Infosys' Deependra Moitra will speak on "The Beat of a Different Drum: Harnessing the Offshore Innovation Value Web".


Deependra Moitra

Deependra Moitra is Associate Vice President & General Manager (Research) at Infosys Technologies. A corporate executive and practitioner-scholar, Deependra works at the intersection of technology, strategy, and innovation. In addition, he specializes in technology and competitive advantage, management of emerging information technologies, globalization of R&D, software development and strategic innovation management. Deependra has a background in both high-tech products and IT services businesses.

In his current role, he spearheads business technology research and thought leadership. Previously, he served as a start-up management team member and general manager at Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies India R&D Center. He held various managerial and technical positions at Siemens and the Indian Space Research Organization.

Deependra is a senior member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Engineering Management Society. He is also a member of the Academy of Management and the Institute of Management Science (INFORMS). His two books, "R&D Externalization & Competitive Advantage" and "China and India: Opportunities and Threats for the Global Software Industry" (co-authored) will be published in 2007.

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