Infosys is an exhibitor at IGD Digital Commerce 2018

Date 16-17 Oct 2018

Location etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

Event overview

Shoppers are moving seamlessly between online and offline channels, as the lines between the experience offered by these channels are getting blurred. Manufacturers and retailers should maximize on this omnichannel opportunity by delivering an integrated experience across these channels. Innovations like ready-to-use microservices for digital commerce, data driven consumer insights platforms for capturing and delivering on right requirements, will act as a catalyst in delivering these seamless experiences.


Connect with Infosys

Meet our Digital experts at IGD Digital Commerce 2018, booth number 7, and learn about:

  • Skava’s cloud-native commerce platform, Skava Commerce: It uses microservices-based technology to help retailers and enterprise-sized companies quickly create personalized omnichannel experiences. Businesses can deploy full platform or choose only the components they need to enhance their existing digital commerce stack. Discover more about Skava here:
  • Wongdoody’s ‘The Mother Board’: It is a proprietary research panel that uncovers rich, qualitative data about mom’s attitudes and consumer behaviors to create more resonant consumer experiences, help clients innovate and ultimately boost ROI. Read more about Wongdoody here:
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