Information Excellence 2012 Spring Summit - Data Dynamics

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Event Details

Date: February 25-26, 2012
Venue: Bangalore, India

Event Overview

At the Information Excellence 2012-Spring Summit with the theme DATA DYNAMICS, experts elaborate on the changing face of data.

The last decade has seen a rapid change in demand and need for data collection, integration, transformation, analysis; discovery, dissemination, presentation, and visualization. The context and landscape of data is expanding to include unstructured text, documents, web content. It is further expanding to include images, voice, speech, video, and streaming. The summit panel focuses on these changes and its implications, along with call for action to Business Leaders, Industries, Information Professionals, and Academia. Experts share their thoughts, guidelines, best practices and potential opportunities.

Deepak Swamy, Head - Corporate Product Strategy, Infosys, presents a session at the Summit.

Session Details

Topic: Personalization and Self-Care Imperatives for Enterprises
Date: February 25, 2012
Time: 12:10-12:45 IST
Speaker: Deepak Swamy, Head-Corporate Product Strategy, Infosys

Session Description
While global enterprises have evolved from a "one size fits all" model to a "segment-conscious" model, the emphasis remains on packaging the offerings of an enterprise in new ways to meet the needs of various consumer segments. However, in the digital era, the socially-connected consumer is in the "driver's seat". He wants to assemble, customize and consume the products of his choice. This represents a fundamental shift for enterprises as they ponder the uses of big data-from recommending products to a world where consumers have the tools at their disposal to configure and buy the products they need. The talk will include industry examples and practical insights based on Infosys research.

Speaker Profile


Deepak has over 22 years of global experience in telecom, software and communication innovation within IT, consulting and VC-backed startups. He has significant experience in leading product management and strategy in communication and Cloud companies. Deepak has also been a speaker at several industry forums and has been quoted by publications like ITU Telecom, Global Communications Magazine and Communications International amongst others.

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