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Event Details

Session: Globalization, Service Oriented Architecture & the Global Delivery Model (GDM)
Speakers: Sohrab Kakalia, Vice President & Head of Technology, Infosys Technologies.
Date: May 23, 2006
Time: 11AM
Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Center
Edinburgh, Scotland


Infosys is the Platinum Sponsor of the World Wide Web Conference.

Sohrab Kakalia will be presenting a session on Globalization, addressing the Global Delivery model, organization structures and SOA.

Toufeeq Hussain and Natarajan Kannan will be presenting a poster on Live URLs: Breathing life into URLs

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Session Overview
All enterprises are faced with rising performance pressures on an ongoing basis. Business Agility is required to flourish in the face of performance pressures. Organisations that have grown both organically and inorganically over the years have growing numbers on IT spend, as they try to manage their application portfolio. This not only tips the balance sheet, but also prevents the organisation from budgeting to adopt new technologies to add flexibility, and scalability in addition to cost effectiveness.

The globalization of both IT services and business processes allows organisations to right source, their technology and business processes so as to stay competitive and create niche competencies. The Global Delivery Model is an engine for today's economy. It facilitates a natural shift to the distributed, process-centric, ubiquitous, cross-cultural, and heterogeneous paradigm for software development, while providing favourable economies of scale. This also allows them to balance their balance sheet, as well as refocus on their own domain.

In this session, we will develop a business case as to why and how this can be done. At the same time giving examples of corporations that have achieved operational excellence with minimal investments on their IT assets by leveraging the global availability of IT services, RnD services, manufacturing services amongst many others.


Sohrab Kakalia

Sohrab Kakalia is a Vice President & Head of Technology Consulting at Infosys Technologies. He has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and has helped several leading corporations transform, design and integrate their software systems to achieve efficient and competitive operations. He has led many large, end-to-end multi-technology projects that cover the hardware, OS, application software, network and security domains.

Poster Overview

Toufeeq Hussain and Natarajan Kannan will be presenting a poster on Live URLs: Breathing life into URLs

This paper provides a novel approach to use URI fragment identifiers to enable HTTP clients to address and process content, independent of its original representation.


Natarajan Kannan

Natarajan Kannan is a Programmer Analyst with the Product Engineering group at Infosys. A passionate free/ open source software user, he now contributes as a FOSS developer. His interests are centered on web-based systems and scripting languages.

Toufeeq Hussain

Toufeeq Hussain is a Software Engineer with the Aerospace and Automobile business unit at Infosys. He is an active member of the InfyLUG (Infosys Linux Users Group) community and works on free/open source software. His focus areas include the Linux kernel, Linux clusters, Python programming, and web technologies.

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