IT Architecture Practitioners Conference, Europe 2005

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Infosys is pleased to invite you to a session on "Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework" at the Open Group's IT Architecture Practitioners conference . Infosys will be presenting a paper that discusses the various dimensions on which Enterprise Architecture needs to be governed to achieve better results and the best practices for each of these dimensions.

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Event Details

Date: 27th April 2005

Time: 2.45 to 3.45 p.m.

Venue: Jurys Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Session Overview

While the dimensions of defining an enterprise architecture model - business, information, application and technical - have been fairly well established over the last few years and appear in most enterprise architecture models, there is much less clarity about how to govern enterprise architecture.

Experience with many of our clients indicates that governance is not only the most difficult part to get right, but also determines the impact of the architecture team on the organization to a great degree. Complaints about ivory tower architecture and shelf-ware production from the IT community, as well as about a lack of influence from architects, indicate that the effective governance is of the utmost importance for success.

We propose to describe and manage this governance along six dimensions: Leadership, People, Processes, Policies, Metrics and Funding. This session explains the relevance of these dimensions for understanding and improving the impact of an architecture group. It also addresses some best practices for implementing good governance.


Sohel Aziz

Sohel Aziz is a Principal Architect with Infosys Technologies. He has over 12 years of experience as a technology architect, technology program manager, and analyst. He has extensive experience in enterprise and technical architecture assessment and definition, technology product selection and technology business case development. His current focus areas are enterprise architecture and effective governance models for ensuring business-IT alignment through leveraging architecture.

This paper has been co-authored by

Thomas Obitz

Thomas Obitz is a Senior Technical Architect with Infosys Technologies. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development.He has vast experience in conceptualizing and designing large scale distributed systems, especially in the area of investment banking and capital markets. He has been working with enterprise architecture groups reviewing application landscapes and adopting them for improved support of the corporate’s processes and value propositions.

Santonu Sarkar

Santonu Sarkar is a Senior Technical Architect with Infosys Technologies. He has nearly 13 years of industrial software development experience in various distributed enterprise applications and product development.

Reva Modi

Reva Modi is a Technical Architect with Infosys Technologies. She has nearly 11 years of experience in developing distributed enterprise applications, enterprise application integration, and consulting across various industry domains

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