Executing IT Strategy

Date: January 8, 2004

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Infosys recently hosted an exclusive 'Best Practices' web seminar highlighting the benefits of using the IT Balanced Scorecard, and an easy-to-follow pathway to create one in an IT organization. This management framework is used by executives to align tactical objectives with overall corporate strategy.

As users of the Balanced Scorecard framework, Infosys speaks from experience in achieving effective execution of IT strategies. The IT departments with whom we have worked - and those we have interviewed - have enabled us to create a rich set of best practices surrounding the creation and use of the Balanced Scorecard.

As a framework executives can use to align their tactical objectives with overall corporate strategy, the Balanced Scorecard can be used to enable IT management to simplify its execution strategies. Leading Fortune 1000 companies are discovering that the Balanced Scorecard Method is an effective mechanism for measuring IT's contribution to the business and value in supporting the overall business strategy.

We, also, look forward to seeing you at our booth at the conference venue. The theme for the booth is "Research @ Infosys"

View the web seminar. Please set your windows media player to full screen mode for a clear display of the slides. You can do that by pressing ALT + Enter

(You will need Windows Media Player to listen to view the web casts. You can download Windows Media Player here. ) Click Here for more information on the event.

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