Southern Gas Association's IT Technical Conference

Date: September 18-20, 2002
Venue: Nashville, TN

In a fast changing IT landscape it is a difficult choice for CIOs to commit significant portions of their IT budgets to new technology. Advances in technology are compelling drivers for change but there are risks involved too:

  • About longevity of this new technology.
  • About the "next best thing" upstaging this new technology and causing an overhaul of existing IT infrastructure.
  • About licensing/legal/cost/deployment/non-standard and proprietary extension issues with the use of new software, whether for incorporating into a new product or for deployment as custom software in geographically disparate locations.
  • Use and extension of open-source, standards-based software can provide all the benefits of new technology without the risks mentioned above.

Join us for a presentation on Cost advantages in the use of open-source software for new technology.
TThe presentation, titled "The endless upgrade cycles" covers:

  • How to build software on top of open-source implementations (specifically in the realm of J2EE) and avoid complicated licensing and legal problems. What benefits (like performance, cost, deployment) can accrue from extending open-source software, what kind of extensions make sense (and which do not) and how to make these extensions so that they complement future open source releases are some of the issues we will deal with. This would be based on our experience with extending open source for creating products and custom software.

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