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Session Id: BOF-0211
Session Title: Authorization in a Federated Ecosystem:
Implementing Rules, Roles, and Policies for Access Control
Track: Core Enterprise
Speakers: Abhijit Belapurkar, Principal Architect, Infosys Technologies
Date: 17 May, 2006
Time: 20:30
Venue: Franciscan II & III, Moscone Center -
San Francisco, CA


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Session Overview
Standards and technologies for federated identity management (FIM) have emerged in the last few years to provide a framework for exchanging identity information in a loosely coupled and decentralized manner. This caters to diverse autonomous IT domains that may even cross enterprise boundaries to include business partners and customers. The most compelling use case for identity federation has been single sign-on across trust boundaries and standards such as SAML, Liberty ID-FF, and Liberty ID-WSF, which are correspondingly most developed in that area. This gets complicated when the parties in a federation may have implemented independent access management solutions that don't necessarily complement each other.

This session explores the topic of authorization in a loosely coupled federation of identity and service providers from the ground up. The session will cover foundational concepts such as federated identity management and its business drivers and then move on to more-advanced concepts such as federation topologies and how to manage trust relationships in each of them. Finally, they gain an in-depth understanding of the various factors that go into determining effective authorization architectures in such federations.

The concepts discussed are demonstrated through implementations of common federated authorization use cases/topologies that use OASIS-ratified technologies such as SAML v2.0 and Liberty ID-FF/ID-WSF as the base and run on the JavaT Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 platform.


Abhijit Belapurkar is a Principal Architect with the J2EE Center of Excellence at Infosys Technologies. He has 12 years of experience in the areas of architectures and security for distributed systems and using the Java platform to build n-tier enterprise applications. He has developed enterprise-wide identity and access management solutions for Fortune 100 banking and financial services companies.

His focus areas include identity and access management in federated systems, fault-tolerance and reliability of large-scale distributed applications. He has been a contributor to the IBM Developer Works Java Zone. He presented a BOF session titled "Simplified Access Control Management in J2EE using XACML and JSR 115" in JavaOne 2005.

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