KronosWorks 2017

Infosys is a Bronze sponsor at KronosWorks 2017

Event details | Event overview

Event details

Date: November 12 – 15, 2017
Venue: Aria and Bellagio, Las Vegas

Event overview

KronosWorks is one of the most well-attended conferences on workforce innovation, which provides a perfect window into products, services, and workforce management trends.

At this event, Infosys will share best practices from over 40 successful workforce management (WFM) engagements. We will demonstrate how we assist chief human resource officers (CHROs) and their teams in empowering employees with innovative solutions. We will also show you how the right solution can increase employee engagement, lower costs, and improve productivity; so that you can realize instant returns on your investment.

Connect with Infosys

Infosys Workforce Management (WFM) leadership team will be there to meet you with a host of solutions that will revolutionize your workforce management. Our WFM solutions encompass a complete suite of offerings with end-to-end services ranging from strategy, solution deployment, and support. Our large pool of experienced and certified WFM consultants guide clients every step of the way, ensuring smooth delivery and measurable success.

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