Webinar: Mining Business and Technology Best Practices - Winning strategies for the e-commerce space

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Webinar Details

Topic:Mining Business and Technology Best Practices: Winning strategies for the e-commerce space
Date:December 15, 2009
Time: 8 AM PST / 11 AM EDT
Speakers: Christian Wip, IT Director, e-business, Life Technologies

Guneet Paintal, Principal Consultant, Infosys

Webinar Highlights

Life Technologies is using a novel e-commerce application to boost customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth. Christian Wip, IT Director, e-Business, Life Technologies and Guneet Paintal, Principal Consultant, Infosys, planned and executed the transformation in the e-commerce space at Life Technologies. In this webcast, they will share experiences and will review results and discuss key learning that can be applied to drive your company’s efforts to enhance the e-commerce customer experience.

Attend the webcast to learn how Life Technologies:

  • Prioritized and activated the "Voice of Customer" to drive revenue growth
  • Introduced customer-centric features for enhanced Web experience
  • Provided "best-of-breed" e-business features to maintain a lead in the online life sciences market
  • Built an agile technology foundation to enhance capabilities
  • Managed internal process and execution issues to make the e-commerce transformation in a compressed time frame.
  • Adopted best practices in addressing challenges faced during transformation
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Speaker Profiles


Christian has more than 12 years of IT experience. Currently, he is the IT Director, e-business at Life Technologies, where he is responsible for supporting more than 50% of global order volume. Christian has led several IT teams in Europe and North America. He has been responsible for the technical implementation of e-commerce and ERP systems at Invitrogen Corporation (now Life Technologies).

Prior to Life Technologies, Christian led a systems implementation team responsible for deploying hotel front-and back-office systems globally. His areas of interest include the design, creation, implementation and support of both enterprise and custom-developed software applications.


Guneet leads and manages the e-commerce implementation at Life Technologies. He has spearheaded global multi-million dollar programs involving multi-disciplinary teams.

Guneet has promoted thought leadership in e-commerce and supply chain management through the development of solution toolkits which have helped showcase domain expertise, reduced implementation timeframes and introduced more process orientation in large implementations.

Life Technologies Implements an e-Commerce Solution to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Christian Wip, IT Director, e-business, Life Technologies tells how Infosys helped Life Technologies transform its e-commerce program

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