Mining and Technology Summit 2012

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Event Details

Date: October 10 and 11, 2012
Venue: Pan Pacific, 407 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA, Australia

Event Overview

Visit Infosys at the 3rd Annual Mining and Technology Summit. This event will address steep changes in technology that are required to meet future demands. It will also address how far the mining industry has come, and investigate how far it has to go.

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Is your mine full of smart miners? Discover how organisations are making their mines more compatible for the next generation. Connect with our experts to discuss the efficient methods to find, manage, and share knowledge among experienced smart miners and the new generation of miners.

This event will help explore how other mines have implemented systems, processes, and technologies that leverage information from experienced miners. It will also focus on how these implementations have educated the next generation of workers – helping maintain and improve existing safety standards and productivity, while enabling the industry to thrive.

Who should attend?
CEOs, COOs, CIOs, mine managers, as well as technical engineers and superintendents from mining companies.

Session Details

Topic: Knowledge is worth its weight in gold
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 15:30 AEST
Speaker: Gerard Siromani, Global Relationship Manager, Resources, Infosys Limited

Session Description
It is very evident that the cyclical nature of the mining sector will result in an ongoing loss of knowledge from the industry unless effective information management systems are put in place. The challenge facing mining organisations is to provide efficient methods to find, manage, and share all the information gathered and stored. Organisations accept that this is notoriously hard to execute.

In this session, Gerard Siromani will discuss the issues faced by organisations and present his point of view on the direction that should be taken.

Speaker Profile
Gerard Siromani

Gerard Siromani, Global Relationship Manager, Resources, Infosys Limited

Gerard has over 30 years of experience. Currently, he focuses on mining and metals. He works with organisations to leverage advancements in IT to improve productivity and efficiency.

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