Infosys at the Modeling 2006 Conference

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Design considerations in applying BPM and MDA
Speaker: Srinivas Thonse, Principal Architect, Infosys Technologies
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Venue: Hotel Taj Residency, Bangalore, India

Infosys is a Platinum Sponsor of Modeling 2006 in Bangalore, a part of OMG's India-Singapore series.

Session Overview
Applying BPM and MDA requires a shift in the way applications are built and maintained. It requires adoption of many standards such as BPMN, UML and MOF, and use of new modeling tools and execution infrastructure. To apply these practices effectively in IT projects, a designer needs to keep in mind certain key aspects. Typical considerations involve ensuring longevity of the models and synchronizing the models across lifecycle phases. In this presentation, we will discuss a few key considerations that a designer has to bear in mind when applying these standards and some means to handle them.


Srinivas Thonse

Srinivas Thonse is a Principal Architect at Infosys' Software Engineering & Technology Labs, Infosys' research group. He has nearly 13 years of experience as a software architect and analyst. Srinivas guides research projects in business process management, software methodologies, software architecture and knowledge engineering. His interests span the areas of requirements, performance engineering, software architecture and knowledge engineering.

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