Roundtable: Next-gen Procurement in Life Sciences : Simplify, Automate and Deliver

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Event details

Date: Tuesday June 21, 2016
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. (EST)
Venue: Hanover Marriott Whippany, NJ

Event overview

In today's competitive pharmaceuticals industry, companies that win are those that adopt innovative ways to improve their bottom line: reduce costs and increase profits. Business needs are crucial, but it is the overhead costs, like indirect procurement, that can get the better of pharma majors. Smart automated procurement is the need of the hour. What are pharma companies doing in this regard? What are the technologies, business models that can help curb costs of the ever increasing demands of the company?

Why attend

Join industry experts for an insightful discussion on ‘Next Gen Procurement’; where experts and clients share their views on how to automate procurement processes and build an efficient supply chain.

Listen to industry veterans, network with peers. Meet Infosys experts and discover how you can re-engineer a next-generation procurement process for your company.

This Roundtable will focus on:

  • Success imperatives for procurement leaders
  • Building next-gen procurement model
  • Unlocking value through supply chain automation
  • Automating procurement in pharma marketplace
  • Panel discussion: Solving key issues in pharma procurement

Speaker profiles

Subhro Mallik

Subhro Mallik
VP - Head of Life Sciences - Infosys

Kelly Rotkewicz

Kelly Rotkewicz
Director, Global Sourcing Centre - Boehringer

Dr. Marcus Ehrhordt

Dr. Marcus Ehrhordt
Partner, Strategy & (Part of PWC Network)

Barbra McGann

Barbra McGann
Executive Vice President, Business Operations Research

Rajiv Gupta

Rajiv Gupta
Senior Director - Sourcing & Procurement Services, Head Category Management - Americas - Infosys