Offshoring for Success

Date: Tuesday, 6. May 2003
Time: 08:00 to 11:00
Venue: Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel,
              Frankfurt , Germany

Featured Speakers: Reinhard Meyer, ING BHF-Bank, Germany
Roger Klantschi, Infosys
By 2004, 80% of Fortune 500 boardroom executives would have discussed the use of offshore IT services and 40% would have implemented it. Gartner

The Offshore Wave - can you afford to be left out?

Are you faced with the paradox that many of today's CIO face: of meeting strategic business demands for delivering more out of less? Of having to contribute more to the business while cutting costs? If so, then maybe you should consider what many CIO's have realised is the answer; Offshoring. Offshore based IT service and consulting providers are able to offer far more than basic services without mitigating risk, yet realising cost reductions of up to 50%.

But Offshoring does not come without its challenges. You may be worried about delivery and capability, cultural and linguistic integration, project definition and management. Maybe you need the answers to the following questions in order to understand the strategic benefits of Offshoring:

  • How does Offshoring work? How can it be delivered efficiently across time zones and geographical and cultural boundaries while delivering high quality, speedy services at significantly lesser costs?
  • What to Offshore? How should you decide on the mix of Offshoring/ outsourcing/ in-house components?
  • How to mitigate risk? What should you consider in order to derive the maximum value out of Offshoring without causing disruption to existing processes or increasing risk?
  • What are the hallmarks of a successful Offshore strategy? What steps can you take to ensure that Offshoring works in your unique situation?
This knowledge session is designed to help you understand, from a peer and an industry perspective, how you can make Offshoring work for you. It is designed as a roundtable discussion which will allow for open interaction, not only with experts who have made it happen but also with your peers, who are considering Offshoring in the near future.


Infosys, arguably the best known consulting and IT service player and a pioneer of this new paradigm would like to invite you to discuss these issues and find out more at a breakfast session:

The session will give you the opportunity to talk to Mr. Reinhard Meyer from ING BHF-Bank, considered one of the early adopters to use offshore based IT services delivery, and to Mr. Roger. Klantschi from Infosys, who will share his unique experience.

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0800 Registration and breakfast

Reinhard Meyer, ING BHF-Bank

Mr. Meyer has successfully managed his IT services through an offshore based model. He will share his experiences with you; on how the offshore model worked for him, the benefits of Offshoring in action and the best practices.

Roger Klantschi, Infosys

Mr. Kläntschi will give an introduction to Infosys' end-to-end approach on Offshoring and cover some of the key success factors. The main focus of the presentation will be the planning stage and the importance of this for a successful Offshoring implementation, as well as on giving a brief outlook on the expected benefits.

Questions and discussion

1100 Event ends

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