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Event Details

Session: Practitioner Reports - Language & Reality
Speaker: John Kuriakose
Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Time: 10:30 A.M - 11:00 A.M
Venue: Town and County Resort & Convention Center, San Diego

Session Overview

Honey, I shrunk the types: How behavioral types lose relevance on the edges on OO applications and why a core data fabric is useful for adaptability

OO programs are built by first defining user types within the language environment and then realizing program requirements by using the behavior defined by these types.

We argue against defining types to deal with every scenario. OO programs within an enterprise have to deal with the non-OO world that includes RDBMS, other applications, humans etc. In these interactions with the non-OO world, we have observed that there is little respect for types and behavior when the requirement and expectation is most often data. OO application developers will have to repeatedly extract data to and from objects defined by types to support the pure data interface that the non OO world supports.

In this session, we will highlight the benefits that can be realized by equipping an OO Application with a core representation for data. We refer to this as the 'data fabric'. We further show that seemingly unrelated problems in database persistence, data-binding, message data transformation, and metadata management that appear in an enterprise context can now be addressed within the data fabric. The data fabric is itself realized using reflective uniform data APIs defined using a few key data abstractions.

This then reopens the case for OO developers to enhance the effectiveness of applications with generic data models and principles of data-driven programming.


John Kuriakose is a Principal Architect with Infosys Technologies. He has 13 years of experience. He is a researcher at the Software Engineering and Technology Labs at Infosys Technologies. His primary focus is on tools and solutions related to software engineering. He is currently engaged in solving the data representation problem within enterprise applications and tools that aid program analysis, re-factoring and comprehension. He has vast experience of architecting and building e-business applications for the Banking & Securities industries.

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