Gartner Outsourcing Summit 2003

Date: June 23 - 25, 2003
Venue: The Westin Century Plaza Hotel & Spa in Los Angeles, CA

The Outsourcing Summit 2003 is one of Gartner's very first global industry defining events (GIDE) and it represents a whole new way of presenting our business to our customers and prospects. The planning process for the event is a true collaborative effort and the team that has been working on the planning phase of the conference has tried to make sure that content represents thought leadership from all Gartner lines of business - not just one product line or one geographic perspective.

The theme of the conference revolves around the challenges associated when merging internal shared service operations with externally vended services. Our clients are increasingly being asked to take on new roles and responsibilities while creating a seamless and integrated sourcing strategy. It is increasingly incumbent on them to create a quality operation at a reasonable cost. They want practical knowledge about making the process work and managing internal expectations. In addition, they are looking for guidelines that will help them build a compelling business case for shared services, outsourcing or a combination of the two choices. In short, they want us to give them a blueprint for creating the best mechanism to manage the sourcing process and how and when to re-engineer existing capabilities.

This conference covers:

Initiating outsourcing: Best practices for evaluating and selecting a service provider; Service contract negotiation and renegotiation

Managing existing outsourcing: Governance and organizational models for managing outsourcing; Creating business-value SLAs; Most common mistakes made in outsourcing deals

Financial/Cost aspects of outsourcing: Best sourcing strategies, Selecting the right vendor, Developing the right contacts, Sourcing-related HR issues, Communications planning, Best-in-class Service Level Agreements(SLAs)

Four Phases of the sourcing cycle: Sourcing Strategy, Evaluation & Selection, Contract Development and Sourcing Management

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