IBM Portal Excellence Conference 2010 - Americas

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Event Details

Date: July 19-22, 2010
Venue: Hilton Chicago Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Booth Number: 104


Event Overview

Infosys is a Gold Sponsor of IBM Portal Excellence Conference 2010 - Americas. This annual event is dedicated to help organizations keep pace with the growing number of web-savvy users. Participants will learn about the latest web portal content - social, mobile, commerce, business process management, and other innovations. IBM and business partners share their best practices and success stories. Companies have the unique opportunity to interact with customers across industries, as they share their experience in building and delivering exceptional web experience to enterprises and customer-facing audience. In this event, Infosys' expert presents a session on 'Web Excellence: Transforming the Digital Journeys of Enterprises'.

  • Gain insights into critical business issues and emerging technologies
  • Improve business and technical planning with expertise and guidance gained from in-depth presentations
  • Test-drive latest technologies at hands-on training sessions
  • Take advantage of onsite certification testing
  • Learn about latest products and expert solutions at the Product Expo
  • Discuss product strategy and technical directions with IBM product and services architects
  • Participate in communities of interest through roundtable topic discussions, birds-of-a-feather sessions and panel forums


Session Details

Date: July 21, 2010
Time: 08:30 - 09:30 CST
Topic: Web Excellence: Transforming the Digital Journeys of Enterprises
Speaker: Binooj Purayath, Consulting Leader, Portals, Content and Commerce Practice, Infosys Technologies


Session Description

As businesses evolve, so do their services and target audience. This change has a significant impact on the entire lifecycle of customer acquisition and retention. It requires online presence of the business to evolve in step with the changing business model.

Businesses initially start with a focus on mass customers with standard services. For these customers, the topmost concern is convenience. The next step in the evolution is to offer premium products targeted at specific customers. For these customers, the top priority is trust in the brand. The next step is where the business provides an entire range of lifestyle services targeted at ultra premium customers. For these customers, the top priority is belongingness to the brand. The brand becomes a part of their life.

Infosys has worked with several large clients to achieve highest quality in services delivered. Our expert from Portals, Content and Commerce practice of Systems Integration will discuss how technology is used to help clients evolve their online presence in line with business strategies.


Speaker Profile

Binooj has more than 13 years of experience as a technology strategist, consultant architect and a software designer. His expertise spans consulting, customer relations, leadership and training, and mentoring large digital transformation programs. This includes e-channel strategy and rollout, architecture blueprint design for Business Process Management (BPM), Digital Marketing and Service Orientation.

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