Webinar: Using Metrics to Improve Product Supply Capabilities in Process Manufacturing

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Webinar Details

Topic: Using Metrics to Improve Product Supply Capabilities in Process Manufacturing
Date: June 23, 2010
Time: 11:30-12:30 EDT
Speakers: Simon F. Jacobson, Research Director, AMR Research
Paul Van Deventer, Associate Vice President and Head of Client Services, Resources Industries, Infosys Technologies
Matt Looney, Manager, IT Application Services, Eastman Chemical Company


Webinar Highlights

Process manufacturers have the desire to use metrics to improve product supply capabilities, and facilitate supply chains to meet customer demands. While multiple efforts have been made towards this direction, there is a long way to go to get the desired results. There exists a need to identify challenges and overcome them to ensure customer satisfaction. The webinar covers topics such as:

  • Improving Manufacturing Agility
  • Product Supply Capabilities
  • Gaining Supply Chain Visibility
  • Overall Industry Challenges
  • Industry Outlook, based on the survey findings

Join us at this webinar to gain insight on leveraging metrics to improve product supply capabilities and increase actionable visibility across the supply chain.

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Speaker Profiles


Simon researches and works closely with clients. His focus is on current and future manufacturing architectures, alignment, measurement, optimization strategies, best practices, and insights for applying and creating business returns from various forms of manufacturing IT - Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

He is also involved in developing the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in manufacturing and evolving role of manufacturing-focused service providers. Simon is frequently quoted in the press and often presents at industry events on topics such as Manufacturing Compliance and Manufacturing 2.0.


Paul heads the Resources portfolio at Infosys. He was the Head of Consulting for the Energy, Utilities and Resources unit for Infosys. He received a Master's Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Matt Looney

Matt has over 27 years of experience in the IT industry including 12 years at Eastman Manufacturing Systems. He graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science.
AMR Research was recently acquired by Gartner, Inc. the world's leading research and advisory company.

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