Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2011

Event Details | Event Overview

Event Details

Date: June 6-8, 2011
Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel, Madison at 45th, New York, NY 10017

Event Overview

With the continued convergence of business and IT teams, the Annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit remains committed to providing a thought leadership forum for CG executives to network with peers, share ideas and experiences, and learn about important industry trends.

The summit has a thought-provoking agenda with insights into effective retail partnerships, marketing investments, promotional efforts and brand penetration. The event will focus on:

  • Consumer Trends
  • Reaching the Consumer through Mobile Marketing Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO)
  • Sales & Marketing Report: Highlights and Analysis
  • Leveraging Virtual Reality for Consumer Insights
  • Downstream Data
  • Wall Street's Perspective
  • Leveraging Data and Insights

Additionally, the summit also offers access to over 200 consumer goods sales and marketing executives across business and IT.

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