Social Media Influence Conference 2011

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Event Details

Date: June 14, 2011
Time: 09:00-17:30 GMT
Venue: Cavendish Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom

Event Overview

The Social Media Influence Conference is an annual event that draws industry-leading brands and companies. In its sixth year, the theme is Creativity and Innovation. Social Media Influence is specially tailored and curated for corporate communications groups, major consumer brands and internal communication executives who need to understand how social media is shaping the way they do business.Top brands and companies will share how they employ creative content and technological innovation to learn what their customers really care about and thus move beyond traditional campaign mentality.

Session Details

Topic: Actionable Insights through Social Analytics
Date: June 14, 2011
Booth number: 10
Speakers: Selina Sykes, Senior Brand Manager - Lynx, Unilever, UK
Richard Downs, Business Director - Infosys Europe

Session Description

Selina Sykes, Senior Brand Manager at Unilever UK, will present an overview of Lynx’s social media approach and how Social Analytics is used to generate relevant actionable insights. Next, Richard will share a brief overview of Infosys iEngage's capabilities and talk about some of the new offerings on the platform.

Speaker Profiles

Selina Sykes

Selina Sykes is the senior brand manager of Lynx in the UK. Lynx is the number one male toiletries brand in the country. It has been at the forefront of male grooming for the last 25 years and has become a rite of passage for teenage boys all over the world. Lynx is one of Unilever’s flagship brands for youth and digital marketing.


Richard Downs has been in the retail domain for over 23 years, providing consulting to clients on a variety of customer-centric solutions and helping them drive new revenues. For the past 10 years, Richard has been involved in the digital space with emphasis on Social Media and eCommerce. Richard is now part of the iEngage team at Infosys Technologies, assisting retailers and manufacturers digitally engage with consumers across the marketing, sales and service lifecycle.

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