Software and Systems Quality Conference 2009

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Event details

Date: October 5, 2009
Venue: Guoman Tower Hotel, London, U.K.

Event Overview

Software and Systems Quality Conference emphasizes on real-life experience. The annual event provides an opportunity for the testing and quality community to meet, share knowledge, practical experience and discuss the latest industry trends. Each of the speakers leads and defines the software quality of the future.

Infosys is Premium sponsor of this year’s Software and Systems Quality Conference. Infosys’ Kiruba Vijayaraghavan and Tesco’s Juseint D. Generoso will jointly present on "Progressive Test Automation in Transformation Programme".

In addition, Infosys will showcase a suite of accelerators and tools that help companies extract greater Return On Investment (ROI) and value from their testing projects.

We will showcase tools including:

  • Infosys ACCORD solution
  • Infosys Clearware solution
  • Infosys Test Automation suite
  • Infosys Casper tool

Visit us at Booth No. 11 to understand how we collaborate with companies to identify their market needs and build accelerators and tools that help them extract maximum value from their testing tool investments and testing programs.

Session Details

Topic: Progressive Test Automation in Transformation Programme
Date:October 5, 2009
Time:16:15 -17:00 GMT
Speakers:Kiruba Vijayaraghavan, Senior Test Manager Infosys (U.K.) and Juseint D. Generoso, IT Test Manager, Tesco Stores (U.K.)

Session Description

Transformation programs are characterised by evolving functionalities, challenging timelines resulting in shorter but multiple testing waves. Every testing wave - while in principle builds new functionalities from the previous one - differs from others in the degree of changes to the existing functions and movement or slippages of functions. Dependencies between systems limit the testing team’s ability to respond quickly and effectively. Conventional automation approaches have done more harm than good in such transformation programs.

On the other hand, a progressive approach to automation is an integrated solution that extends the scope of automation to areas like smoke testing, test data management, middleware testing and stub testing. The presentation demonstrates how test automation teams can make a positive impact to the program by adopting a comprehensive Progressive Test Automation approach. In addition, the presentation shows how the approach increases coverage and reduces test timelines.

Speaker Profile

Kiruba Vijayaraghavan
Kiruba has more than 10 years of IT testing experience. He has been involved in several industries and technologies. He specializes in the area of multi-channel e-commerce, implementing test automation framework for large programs, performance testing and implementation of test management tools. He has worked with customers from multiple regions in the U.S. and the U.K.

Juseint D. Generoso
Juseint has more than 12 years of experience in test management of large-scale transformation programs. He has been responsible for testing and quality assessment of world-class e-commerce solution and top Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product suite and implementing test automation framework. Prior to Tesco, Juseint successfully implemented projects across the globe including Singapore and Republic of Ireland.

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