Infosys at the Supply Chain Forecasting Conference

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Event Details


"Matching Demand to Supply: How companies can smooth fluctuations in their supply chain using demand shaping and guided selling techniques"

Speakers: Partha Bose, Solution Leader High Tech and Manufacturing, Infosys Technologies
David O'Brien, Vice President Quantitative Research, AMR Research
Date: February 28, 2006
Time: 11:15AM - 12:15PM



Session Overview
Many technology companies are impacted adversely by business cycles, short product lives, rapidly evolving technology, and changing consumer demand. To deal with these issues, this industry's focus had been to create flexible supply chains to react to demand changes. In this session, we will show how firms can shape demand during the selling cycle, leading to increased operational efficiencies and improved margins. We will also discuss results from a customer demand management survey conducted on 190 high tech and manufacturing companies. Case studies, including a high-tech OEM, an electronics distributor, and a premier ISV, will show what leading firms are doing to reduce revenue leakage, improve cycle times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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