Swiss Testing Day 2010

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Event Details

Date: March 17, 2010

Venue: Kongresshaus, Zurich


Event Overview

Swiss Testing Day is one of the major conferences in Europe and is the leading software testing conference in Switzerland. Now into its fifth year, the event provides a platform to interact with experts in the IT testing field.

Swiss Testing Day is a neutral, non-marketing conference which is organized by testers for testers. The event specifically addresses the needs of the software testing community. Many global companies consider Swiss Testing Day as a prime opportunity for corporate branding and market exposure.

At the event, Infosys and Swiss Re will present a session on 'Building a Successful QA Organization'.


Session Details

Title: Building a Successful QA Organization

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time: 10:30-11:15

Speakers: Kamalika Chakraborty, Infosys and Mischa Dettwiler, Swiss Re


Session Description

In today's cost-competitive environment, organizations are calling for innovation at all levels of the QA enterprise, be it execution, approach to process and overall QA deliverable. Delivering more with less - without compromising on quality - is not only a requirement but also a way of life for QA enterprises.

The session explains the approach and experience of how Swiss Re, along with Infosys, defined a successful testing organization that is well equipped to meet the needs of today’s agile and compliant organization.

This partnership that started as a project-based service, has today evolved and matured into a managed service model. The journey to managed service model was executed in a more structured way with creation of reusable frameworks in testing process, knowledge management, test automation, testing tools testing metrics, etc.

With this centralized QA organization, along with the managed services model, internal clients are being effectively and efficiently serviced, with the ability to scale to satisfy client requests on time and within budget. This has enabled Swiss Re QA organization to realize a cost savings of over 40% over the last three years with 97% adherence to quality, making Infosys a true business partner.


Speaker Profiles

Kamalika Chakraborty Kamalika Chakraborty has over eight years of experience in software testing. She has been with Infosys since 2005 and has served in multiple roles with different companies. Currently, she manages testing services for Swiss Re as the onsite project manager in Zurich.

Mischa Dettwiler Mischa Dettwiler has over five years of experience in software testing and outsourcing. He has been with Swiss Re since 2004 and has served in multiple roles in software development projects. Currently, he is responsible for the testing of approximately 50 applications within Swiss Re.

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