Bank Systems and Technology Executive Summit

Date: September 17-19, 2006
Venue: La Quinta Resort and Club Palm Springs, California

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Event Details
To succeed in this flat world companies must focus on a different set of operational priorities than what conventional wisdom dictates:

  • Being the 'Cost as Fuel for Growth', instead of dreading it or simply reacting to it
  • Building loyalty through faster innovation, because service quality is just a hygiene factor
  • Making money from information, instead of spending money on it
  • Winning in the turns, instead of limiting themselves to winning in the straightway

At the Bank Systems and Technology Executive Summit, Balaji Yellavalli and Shaji Farooq from Infosys will discuss, in one-on-one meetings, the operational shifts that banks must make to survive and win in today's Flat World.


Shaji Farooq

Shaji Farooq is a Client Partner in the Banking & Capital Markets industry vertical at Infosys, and is a member of its executive management team. He is responsible for managing senior client relationships, and is accountable for financial/operational performance across multiple accounts.

Balaji Yellavalli

Balaji Yellavalli is the Head of US Banking and Capital Markets Solutions practice at Infosys Technologies and oversees a broad spectrum of business and technology areas. His current areas of focus are compliance and data management.

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