TeleManagement World Americas 2006

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Event Details

Session 1
Telecom Media Convergence - Team Update
Date: December 6, 2006
Time: 12:30
Venue: Adams Mark Hotel Dallas

Bharat Mohan will present an update on the Telecom Media Convergence (TMC) Technical Program to all attendees of the event and to the TM Forum board and members. The Telecom Media Convergence (TMC) Technical Program is a new entrant to the TM Forum's technical activities and addresses one of the most crucial issues of the industry: How can traditional telecom operators evolve to become media service providers?

Session 2
Service Innovation and Market Development Summit - Session: Telecom Media
Convergence: Collision and Disruption (SIMD6)
Date: December 6, 2006
Time: 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Venue: Adams Mark Hotel Dallas

This panel discussion examines the collision between Telecom and Media Networks, and makes sense of: layers of convergence and fragmentation; disruptive innovations for scheduling and distributing video; decentralized content and P2P networks; value chain structural changes, effects on incumbents, accelerating competition; trends in shifting of time, place and media, etc.

Panel members:

  • Jim Hopkins, VP, Fox Sports
  • Bharat Mohan, Principal - CSP Practice, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
  • Johanne Mayer, Director OSS, Chief Marketing Office, Alcatel
  • Alan Vincent, Director, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
  • Debbie Burkett, Director - Market Collaboration, TeleManagement Forum



Bharat Mohan is a Principal Architect in the Communications Service Providers IBU of Infosys Technologies Ltd. He is into business process and solution consulting, including thought leadership and solutions innovation. Bharat focuses on BSS layer including billing, CRM and Enterprise Application Integration. He has over 15 years of professional experience in telecommunications encompassing CSPs, telecom product vendors and Research & Development.

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