TowerGroup Retail Banking Europe 2009

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Event details

Date: October 21-23, 2009
Venue: Evian Royal Resort, Evian, France

Event Overview

Retail Banking Europe 2009 will provide senior-level bankers a unique forum for networking and discussions. Organized by the TowerGroup, a research and advisory services firm focused on the global financial services industry, the event will discuss the emerging landscape for retail banking in Europe, the threat posed by new competitors, the changing role of the branch and self-service automation, and the challenges in managing credit portfolios and borrower data in a recessionary environment.

As a sponsor of the event, Infosys BPO will present a session on the Emerging Operating Models for Retail Banks.

Session Details
Topic: Emerging Operating Models for Retail Banks
Date: October 22, 2009
Time: 14:15 CET
Speakers: Ritesh Idnani, Vice President and Head, Global Sales and Marketing, Infosys BPO
Kapil Jain, Head, Banking and Capital Markets, Infosys BPO
Session Description

As the credit crisis of 2008 unfolds into a full-blown recession impacting major economies across the world, retail bankers are rethinking on the age-old operating models that are becoming a burden in the face of challenges like severe liquidity crunch, rising delinquencies, government interventions, and high cost structure. The industry needs to reinvent and adopt operating models that enable flexibility while ensuring focus on customer relationships and prudent risk management. In this session, Infosys BPO experts discuss how direct banking models, shared service utilities across DDA processing, lending and payments, and non-core functions such as procurement and F&A are all set to redefine the retail banking landscape.

Speaker Profiles

Ritesh Idnani

Ritesh Idnani joined Infosys BPO in November 2005. He drives go-to-market strategies. He also oversees strategic business including identifying new opportunities, development and monetization of market-led solutions, sales strategy, and customer relationship management. He has more than 10 years of experience in assisting global corporations choose processes to outsource, implement governance models and enhance performance of outsourcing relationships.

Ritesh has been instrumental in scaling the Infosys BPO business from US$ 43 million in 2005 to US$ 250 million in 2008. He also drives strategy, direction, solution design and operations for the Banking Capital Markets business. Ritesh has spoken at various international forums. He has been named in FAO Today’s Superstars list in 2008.

Kapil Jain

Kapil has over 18 years of experience across sales, client relationships, delivery, solution design and transition. He has worked on both technology and operations side of the business. In his current role, he is responsible for managing three key stakeholders: clients, people, and shareholders of Infosys BPO. He also interacts with analyst firms and deal with consultants to drive thought leadership and enhance BCM branding. He has been advising global corporations on their outsourcing strategy, defining governance models and has also helped companies on captive strategy.

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