VoIP World 2005

Date: November 28 - December 1, 2005
Time: 10:15-11:00
Topic: Clearing the OSS-Network Integration Bottleneck on XoIP Service Innovation
Speaker: Ted Finlan, Principal Solutions Consultant, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Session Overview
VoIP World 2005 is Telestrategies’ second annual conference and exhibition program that focuses on the unique business and operation support systems and processes required for the successful implementation and financial viability of a VoIP offering. This multi-track conference will provide the solutions that carriers currently need to prosper from VoIP and value-added IP services.

Launching differentiated IP services requires creativity, technical capability and marketing savvy, but also effective partnering with network partners and OSS supplies to combine the “latest and greatest” technology with “tried and true” provisioning and service assurance.

Ted Finlan of Infosys Technologies will talk about “Clearing the OSS-Network Integration bottleneck on XoIP Innovation”. In this session, he will discuss the new approaches being implemented to provide cutting-edge network capabilities while maintaining automation and high-quality customer experience.

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