Warranty Chain Management Conference 2012

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Event Details

Date: March 06-08, 2012
Venue: The Florida Hotel and Conference Center at The Florida Mall, 1500 Sand Lake Road Orlando, Florida 32809


Event Overview

Warranty Chain Management (WCM) is a growing area of interest to most companies, ranging from large multi-nationals to mid-size and smaller engineering companies, call center management firms and warranty service providers. Effective warranty management has the capability to significantly impact a company’s bottom line profitability and drive competitive advantage.

As a discipline, warranty management tools and techniques are still in a nascent stage. Companies are striving to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their warranty management processes. There are very few forums which specifically enable warranty professionals to come together to share best practices and learn more about the challenges and solutions from other competitive and comparative industries.

The Warranty Chain Management Conference addresses issues faced by companies that produce products or services that include either a legally mandated or market driven warranty coverage. Companies that finance extended warranties, repair service providers and call center management firms benefit from the WCM conference as it acts as a single and central forum that effectively addresses all issues related to warranty management.

Infosys expert presents a session at the conference.


Session Details

Track 1: Session 3 - Warranty Management and Best Practices
Presentation: 3 Questions: 1 Answered, 2 to Go
Presenter: Gary Dietz, Principal - Manufacturing, Consulting and Systems Integration, Infosys
Date: March 7, 2012
Time: 16:20-16:55


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