Warranty Chain Management Conference

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Event Details

Date: March 15-17, 2011
Venue: Hyatt Regency, San Diego, USA

Event Overview

Warranty Chain Management Conference is a forum for corporations, SMEs and developers to meet and discuss business trends, problems and solutions. It also aims to develop warranty management as a recognized discipline. A diverse range of companies encompassing electronics, automotive, aerospace, white goods, and service providers will congregate with software developers, who support the multi-billion dollar warranty industry at the conference.

Session Details

Topic: How Agile is your Warranty Claims Management Process?
Date: March 17, 2011
Time: 13:15-15:15 PST
Speaker: Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Vice President - Product Marketing and BPM Technology, Pegasystems
Sudripto De, Principal Consultant, Infosys Technologies

Session Description: This is an interactive presentation that will compel you to look at how responsive your Warranty Claims Management process really is: to changing organizational maturity of operations and market scenarios. Agility demonstrates dynamic management of warranty policies and processes, a source of competitive advantage for organizations aiming to "lead change." The session provides an opportunity to compare your Warranty Management strategies with that of leading organizations that have raised the bar and are exceeding customer expectations.

The session will help participants:

  • Manage policy and procedure changes to dynamically define the level of automation required in Warranty Claims Management Processes
  • Integrate people, processes and operations to drive improved warranty performance
  • Develop business affinity with partners through responsive communication and seamless visibility throughout the entire warranty chain
  • Trigger continuous and speedy improvements in Warranty Claims processes
  • Increase productivity with reduced risk of change by leveraging existing infrastructures, equipment and personnel
  • Extend service offerings, empower self-service to widen revenue channel, and improve customer satisfaction

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Setrag Khoshafia Dr. Setrag Khoshafian is one of the earliest pioneers and recognized experts in Business Process Management (BPM). In his 25 years as a senior executive in the software industry, he has invented, architected, and led the production of numerous leading solutions in enterprise software. He has covered all aspects of BPM in the overall enterprise ecosystem: transformation through BPM, BPM and BI, BPM and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), BPM and Continuous Improvement Methodologies, Social BPM, and BPM and Case Management. His other areas of focus include BRE/DM, CRM, and Risk/Fraud/Compliance through BPM. He is also a noted expert on SOA, object-orientation, and database technologies. Setrag is the lead author of nine books and numerous business and technical articles. His latest book is titled Service Oriented Enterprises (http://www.pega.com/featured/soe).

Sudripto De Sudripto De has extensive experience in New Product Development, Reliability Engineering, Warranty management, Product and Process Quality management, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain management and Supply Chain Risk management, Product hazards assessment, and ELV-based Chemical Compliance Management. At Infosys, He has worked with global marquee brands for the past five years, enabling business process re-engineering, operations improvement and business transformation initiatives across United States, Japan, India, and Greater China. His thought leadership in Warranty management has been published in industry journals and Research Technical Journals including WarrantyWeek and International Journal of Product Development (IJPD). He has also contributed chapters to SpringerLink Book on Warranty Data Management. Sudripto has been invited to speak at International Conference for Manufacturing Research in 2007, Warranty Chain Conference in 2008, Supply Chain World Conference in 2010, and SAE International World Congress in 2011. He has a patent in Warranty Predictive Analytics and Early Warning Systems for Manufacturing Industry.

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