Getting Ready for ICD-10

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Webinar Details

Topic: Getting Ready for ICD-10
Date: June 22, 2010
Time: 12:00-13:00 EST
Speaker: Rajiv Sabharwal, Head, Healthcare & Life Sciences Solutions Program, Infosys Technologies
Moderator: Tom Sullivan, Editor, ICD10watch.com


Webinar Highlights

The U.S. healthcare industry is at the crossroads of a major change in medical coding history. The transition to ICD-10 standards is a concern for providers across the landscape. However, there is no fixed approach which can be taken for implementing the new standards.

Which approach suits your organization the best? What considerations should you keep in mind while selecting your way forward?

Attend the webinar on 'Getting Ready for ICD-10' to identify the issues, learn about approaches available to providers, and the associated benefits from these approaches.

The agenda:
  • The change and why it is being implemented
  • The proposed timeline and associated phased road map for a successful implementation
  • Remediation and neutralization approaches for providers
  • Costs and benefits associated with each approach
  • Role of automation
  • What Infosys can offer?

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Speaker Profiles

Rajiv Sabharwal

Rajiv provides functional and architectural guidance in his field. He has been the chief architect for several solutions. In addition, he has managed more than 80 projects of various sizes, across several business areas and technology platforms. Rajiv has extensive experience in application development and solution architecting.

Rajiv presents a point of view that is based on more than two years of research, customer interaction and multiple successful client implementations.

Tom Sullivan

Tom is editor of ICD10Watch. Prior to this, he spent 15 years in the technology trade press, covering nearly every enterprise IT beat and serving as News Editor at InfoWorld.

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