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June 17 – 20, 2018 | Booth # 1110 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

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Navigate Your Digital Future with Infosys

Powered by mobile, cloud, cyber-physical, interactive, and data gathering systems; enterprises are hastening the pace of their digital journey. It is here that a robust technology partner can play a pivotal role in helping navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape.

As a multi-faceted service provider, our mission is to enable enterprises to navigate this digital journey. Towards this, we offer a powerful combination of technology, domain expertise, advisory, and consulting services; along with a robust partner ecosystem that is needed to reduce the complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) implementations and operations.

Many Infosys IoT solutions have been developed on PTC ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform. To further consolidate the partnership between the two companies, Infosys recently launched an Industrial IoT Centre of Excellence build on Infosys’ Industry 4.0 thought leadership, deep knowledge of traditional product engineering and industry domains.

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Simplify Your Digital Journey with Infosys

Solutions and technologies on showcase


  • Real-time factory visibility and data management of disparate data sources
  • Design vs. Operation for RAMS
  • Asset monitoring and asset management / digital twin

About LiveWorx 2018

LiveWorx is a renowned technology conference that deep-dives into the possibility and potential of digital transformation, powered by disruptive technologies. Join over 7000 technology innovators and changemakers from around the world for an action-packed program of learning, networking, and business. As Pinnacle sponsor, Infosys will have a large presence at LiveWorx 2018. Visit the Infosys booth # 1110.

Our Keynote Spotlight and Breakout Sessions

About the session:

Disruption is becoming a norm, and an increasing number of enterprises are aspiring to disrupt and leverage digital for accelerated growth. Having closely interacted with a host of enterprises of varied sizes, industries, and digital maturity, we see that an enterprise can deploy its digital journey around four broad pillars; namely, driving agile-digital at scale, energizing the core, reskilling of employees, and localization.

  • This requires an enterprise to adopt a 360-degree perspective on digital. The process can begin by tracking the functioning of machinery / assets and responses based on data received. Predictive maintenance is one such instance.
  • Energizing the core encourages enterprises to extract increasing value from existing investments and making legacy systems smart and smart systems smarter.
  • With digital technologies evolving rapidly, a challenge enterprises need to address relates to accessing skilled talent quickly. Fore sighting and investing in reskilling the team will take the enterprise to the future — this is the way to ensure talent is ready for deployment without letting momentum flag.
  • While navigating the digital, enterprises will discover that even the deployment of generic industry solutions requires deep customization. Localizing enables enterprises to have a better understanding of requirements, engage in tightly integrated processes, and deploy solutions faster.

Join me for the Spotlight Keynote on 19 June 2018 so that we can begin to ‘Navigate Your Digital Future’.

About the session:

Transport is an integral part of day-to-day life for millions. It is also critical in an industrial scenario - in the transfer of raw materials, finished goods, and movement of assets from one location to another. In both industrial and non-industrial situations, inefficiencies plague transportation due to disconnected technology.

Digital technologies have the potential to plug these gaps and create new values.

They can play a significant role in optimizing the use of all kinds of vehicles, offer real-time visibility into their functioning and monitoring, and track the usage of the equipment by the driver. Data from sensors will allow deep insight, accurate planning, and faster decision-making. A track of vehicle’s life could eventually lead to integration of data and an increasingly connected, robust digital ecosystem that constantly refines and offers made-to-order experience to customers. We focus on driving tangible benefits through connected transportation across a host of industries including, mining, farming, logistics, and automation.

About the session:

The intense pressure to fulfill an ever-growing appetite for custom products is leading manufacturers to rethink strategy. Inability to customize products adequately limits the number of variants offered and results in ceding market share to those who can. Incorporating custom requirements in a ‘made-to-stock’ product is hard to deliver as it involves elaborate reconfigurations that can result in fulfillment of delays and loss of productivity. However, being able to deliver custom – ‘made to order’ – products is becoming necessary to stay competitive in the market.

Digital engineering paradigms can enable companies to transit their offerings to custom products. Those companies that successfully make this shift will attract customers desiring for specific product configurations and features, and who are willing to pay only for those components and features. The instinct to pay only for the utility in need has been at the heart of all commercial activities since our species began trading. However, it is only through digital technologies that this can be addressed, this value proposition is a natural lead into service management.

We help customers conceptualize, develop, and deploy transformations necessary to design, engineer, manufacture, and sell products ‘made to order.’ With experience in digital constructs like the digital twin, we help companies learn, improve, and monetize insights that emerge from the working of the digital twins – the ‘product as designed’ versus the ‘product as operated’. We work on these transformations in a value-driven agile manner.

Listen to Our Experts

Navigate Your Digital Future

Sudip Singh, Global Head of Engineering Services at Infosys explains how disruption is becoming the norm, and an increasing number of enterprises are aspiring to disrupt and accelerate growth. The strategy an enterprise can deploy as it begins its digital journey should be around four broad pillars, namely, Agile-Digital at scale, Energizing the Core, Reskilling of Employees, and Localization.

Unlocking Value of Assets with IoT

Digital technologies can play a significant role in plugging current inefficiencies in transportation. Krishnananda Shenoy, Senior Technology Architect, IoT Services, explains how IoT offerings from Infosys can enable clients to experience tangible benefits by deploying robust, customized solutions.

Deploy Pragmatic IoT Solutions

Abhishek Goyal, Head, IoT practice, Infosys, notes that the pace of digitization is increasing. Enterprise can navigate their digital journey with a rich mix of technology, domain expertise, advisory and consulting services, and an extensive partner ecosystem offered by Infosys

Perspectives on Digital Transformation

Unlocking Value with Connected Transportation

In an industrial setting, transportation is key to the movement of raw materials, finished goods, and assets from one location to the next. In this blog post, read how connected transportation can drive business value beyond the obvious benefits.

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Questions to Consider for a Pragmatic IoT Solution

As enterprises prepare for IoT led digital transformation, they need to recognizes the challenges of transitioning to digital and find pragmatic answers to concerns around user experience, security and business model.

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Solving the Product Variation v/s Cost Conundrum

While product variety allows a company to improve its competitive reach, it also leads to a number of challenges with regard to complexity in product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and after-market services. In this blog post, Ram Kulkarni, Head of Engineering Services, Europe answers how to solving the price versus product conundrum.

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