Infosys Bangalore DC Celebrates National Conservation Day

On the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day, the Infosys Bangalore Development Center (DC) organized 'Teach Your Kid to Conserve' initiative with an aim to engage employees to help their kids appreciate the importance of energy and its conservation.

This year, National Energy Conservation Day is being observed across the country on December 14th to raise awareness around global warming, and importance of energy conservation. The day also promotes and encourages citizens to make conscious effort towards saving and conserving energy in day-to-day life.

The Infosys Bangalore DC celebrated the day with numerous activities such as Infy Journalist, Treasure Hunt, Quiz, Message from Leaders, showcase of conservation products and more, to help employees to learn more about the conservation, while making it fun too. Further, a painting competition was also organized on the theme “Energy Conservation Day” over the week, and the drawings were displayed at the campus today.

In addition, the members of UJALA programme, an initiative by Government of Ministry of Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), and Government of Power Ministry, distributed LED bulbs to Infosys employees, with an aim to enhance awareness, promote efficient use of energy and aggregate demand for energy efficient appliances at the residential level.

Environment sustainability is well-evolved and deep-rooted at Infosys. Over the years, the company has significantly enhanced its resource footprint through various investments in real-time monitoring to gauge performance, innovative solutions for resource conservation, and strategic partnerships to learn and collaborate.

According to Infosys Sustainability Report 2016-17, in a span of less than a decade Infosys has reduced the per capita electricity consumption by over 50% through its various initiatives. Infosys has also reduced its carbon footprint by 70% through efforts in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Infosys continues to strive to make sustainability and responsible citizenship a way of life for all Infoscions as they discover their passion to 'Be More'.

Infosys Bangalore DC Celebrates National Conservation Day
Infosys Bangalore DC Celebrates National Conservation Day