Infosys Foundation Commits INR 10 Crores for Flood Relief in Karnataka

Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic and CSR arm of Infosys has committed INR 10 Crores to aid relief work in regions of North Karnataka affected by the recent floods.

The relief work will be carried out in a phased manner by the Foundation’s networks and volunteers, and work has already been initiated in Raichur, Bagalkot and surrounding areas. The Foundation has commenced distribution of survival kits which include basic utilities like water, food items, clothing and medical kits, to help the people in distress.

Heavy monsoons have flooded many parts of North Karnataka, leading to casualties, and disruption in road and rail connectivity. The Foundation is assessing information about other affected areas as well, to expand relief operations as needed.

Infosys Foundation has always extended support towards helping people affected by natural calamities. Recently, the Foundation provided aid in cyclone-devastated areas of Odisha, and prior to that, in flood affected regions of Kerala, the Kodagu district of Karnataka, and in Assam, among several more.