Reckitt Wins The Hackett Group’s 2021 Digital Awards Leveraging Infosys Technologies

Infosys' client Reckitt, a British multinational hygiene, health, and nutrition company, has been recognized as one of the winners of the 2021 Digital Awards from The Hackett Group. The Hackett Group honored companies that are on the cutting edge of digital transformation solutions, including automation, advanced analytics, and AI to hyper-automate end-to-end business operations. Reckitt was recognized for streamlining its IT operations in a way that reduced cost and improved employee satisfaction.

To transform its IT operations to NextGen IT Ops, Reckitt collaborated with Infosys to conceptualize a Living Lab to drive automation at scale and transform it into an Experience-First and Cognitive-First Enterprise. With the help of AI, machine learning, RPA, and digital workflows, Reckitt and Infosys teams rolled out a variety of new offerings: personalized IT services through a multilingual, persona-based, omnichannel chatbot (aka Iris) for Reckitt’s employees; Assist NOW Mobile: a consumer-grade mobile app; an army of Automation Factory bots that could take over most IT operations tasks; and Digital Brain, an AI app designed to predict future events, recommend solutions, and find ongoing ways to improve service quality. Finally, the engineers introduced advanced monitoring and self-healing capabilities to improve user experience wherever and whenever they worked.

The Labs have had spectacular results. Reckitt reduced its IT effort and increased cost savings by 20 percent. This project now saves more than 10,000 hours every month by reducing IT resolution wait time. 80 percent of tickets are now resolved by Iris, with no human intervention from the service desk. Another 15 percent are resolved between machines, with no human at either end of the line. The system paid for itself in seven months, and at this point, every British pound invested in the program is estimated to return a pound in ongoing savings – an ROI of 4X over five years. Most remarkably, employees are happier with this service: employee net promoter score has risen from +65 in 2020 to 81 today.

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