Infosys Cortex is an AI solution designed to extract, understand and provide insights and recommendations on the mountains of data collected by customer care centers.

The Infosys Cortex platform helps enterprises deliver superior experiences to both customers as well as employees. In addition, it reimagines contact center operations for a smooth customer journey.

Deepens customer engagement through insights
Our platform offers a rich ecosystem of conversational analytics and cognitive capabilities spanning the customer engagement value chain. Our Customer Experience Modeler predicts the intent of a real-time customer conversation, which enables fast, accurate and personalized service. Infosys Cortex provides a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, voicebot, chatbot, and self-service options to improve outcomes.

Empowers agents with learning
The Infosys Cortex platform converts contact center agents into brand ambassadors with AI-assisted HR processes and productivity tools. It simulates customer interactions for new recruits, which improves preparedness for live calls while accelerating speed to competency. Knowledge tools provide on-the-call guidance and recommend actions that enable agents to delight customers. Significantly, agents can use Infosys Cortex to identify learning needs and behavioral changes required for improving performance and skills.

Boosts operations with automation
Cognitive automation and analytical insights for decision support streamline operations and enable contact centers to realize goals, including increase first-call resolution rate, reduce average handling time, maximize cross / up-sell, and improve service-to-sales conversion rate. Our Operations Modeler provides a floor-wide view of agent performance, identifies areas for improvement, and suggests the course of action to minimize customer as well as agent churn.