For far too long, healthcare has been rigid and system-driven where it should be flexible and people-focused. Technology should orchestrate the entire value chain, instead, it creates fragmented experiences and outcomes. And it’s time for change.

Change that puts people before technology. Change that’s modular, on-demand and built for specific needs.

From orchestrating a care marketplace to Uber-izing access, we’re making it possible with building blocks of change. That’s the power of platforms. That’s the purpose of Artificial Intelligence. That’s the pursuit of people-centricity. And that’s the promise of Infosys Helix

Infosys Helix is a suite of platforms that solve specific problems for the healthcare industry. And as the needs and challenges of the industry evolves, so will Infosys Helix.

What if one solution could fit multiple transformational agendas?
Helix is a suite of products with the same underlying architecture to help overcome the limitations of legacy systems.

What if you could infuse artificial intelligence into your organization’s veins?
Helix brings together AI and cloud in a package that can accelerate the desired end state.

What if you could take the platform approach to people centricity? Helix is not just about solutions, it’s designed around journeys and outcomes of healthcare stakeholders. The three platforms offered by Infosys Helix are Payer B2B, Provider Lifecycle Management and Payer on Cloud. Each of these platforms include several independent and interoperable modules.

  • Payer B2B Platform:
    Plan Sponsors are unable to improve cost of care for their people and orchestrate faster, simpler access. The Payer B2B platform lets payers create an Amazon-Like experience for employers.
  • Provider Lifecycle Management Platform:
    Providers are burdened by bureaucracy and lack of visibility into member health. The Provider Lifecycle Management platform helps payer deliver an Uber-ized experience for providers and better care for members.
  • Payer On Cloud Platform:
    Payers are unable to transform their organization without disrupting their business. The Payer on Cloud platform lets payers take the Lego approach to transformation.