Today, data is the biggest opportunity in healthcare. However, only 10% of HC data is analyzed and even less is utilized. This data needs to be analyzed, customized and democratized for different users in the ecosystem- payers, providers, members and governments. To tap into the value of data a platform-driven transformation is the way ahead. Introducing Infosys Helix, a Platform-Powered, AI-First, People-Centric suite that’s constantly #EmpoweringBetterCare.

The suite offers 3 platforms with several modules that solve specific problems in healthcare.

  • Provider Lifecycle Management Platform
  • Payer On Cloud Platform
  • Payer B2B Platform

From orchestrating a care marketplace to Uber-izing access, we’re making it possible with building blocks of change. That’s the power of platforms. That’s the purpose of Artificial Intelligence. That’s the pursuit of people-centricity. And that’s the promise of Infosys Helix. Empowering Better Care