Cost Explorer Pricing

The Cost Explorer provides a detailed view of costs based on consumption across cloud service providers, portfolios, regions, accounts, etc. An AI / ML engine in the Infosys Polycloud Platform Cost Explorer forecasts cloud consumption up to three months in advance. It automatically generates reports, which can be downloaded in the comma-separated values (CSV) format and uploaded to SAP or other financial management system for further analysis. The Cost Explorer identifies over- and under-utilized infrastructure and platform components, which drives cost optimization via rightsizing. This module is particularly useful for the pay-per-use pricing model, where visibility into cloud consumption is an imperative.

Hybrid IT Manager

Be Informed of the Anticipated Costs

Billing & Forecasting will solve the challenge of managing your cloud expenditure. Based on historical consumptions, Polycloud can predict the range of the future cost that can be incurred.

Pre-Requisites : Past six months data of overall multi hybrid cost consumption.

Cost Explorer Pricing