A Big Disruption in Higher Education

The Skills versus Degree Debate

Across the education sector, COVID has brought about an accelerated digitization of the learning experience. As universities scramble to adopt new technologies and tools to reflexively cater to the new normal, it has come at the cost of a cohesive vision, foresight and long-term planning.

As a result, there are numerous gaps in the learning experience, such as: online classes being negatively impacted by disjointed collaboration tools, unnecessary delays in communicating plans and schedules to students, inconsistencies in assessment administration, the inability of teachers to keep students focused with constant virtual distractions and more! These are all contributing to disengagement with the coursework, resulting in drop-offs mid-semester and decline in academic engagement. All of this is making students question whether paying for a full-time traditional university education is worth it or not.

Read this PoV authored by Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru, Senior Vice President and Head – Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys, to know more.